Kneeling on Rice, No Not Susan Rice…

Welcome to our new series with single word titles. All joking aside, despite King Biden‘s and the Democratic party’s stance on abortion; which the Catholic church still very much frowns upon, by all accounts King Biden is a devote Catholic. Hell, after all, King Biden was just recently called out as being the most religiously observant commander in chief. Thus, being such a devote Catholic, we trust that King Biden is well acquainted with the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings regarding the Sacrament of Penance, sometimes called Reconciliation. For all the non-Catholics out there, we will provide a synopsis. The concept of penance can perhaps best be summarized as voluntary, self-inflicted punishment as an expression of repentance for having done wrong. Most often, this means that Catholics first check to make sure they have some pepper spray, enter a confessional with a priest, say what they are sorry for and then bolt as fast as possible before anything “bad” happens. Young, supple boys are better off doing this via Zoom.

With King Biden being a devote Catholic and all, we here at The Objective Observer feel that the concept of penance is applicable to King Biden‘s calls for “unity”. You see, it is Catholic doctrine that even after you have done bad, awful, horrible things, you can admit your wrong doing through the Sacrament of Penance and thus once again be reunited with Christ. Hooray! Now, we are not calling the Republican party Christ in this case because they are, well, Jesus, just take one look at those sorry bastards. Nor are we asking King Biden to risk rape by hanging out in a small, confined confessional with some creepy, lecherous Catholic priest. What we are asking is for King Biden and the Democrats to admit their past sins so that the country can actually begin the process of healing.

You see, to any objective observer, King Biden and the Democrats have committed numerous sins that unquestionably drove a wedge between Americans. For many, the entire reason the country is so divided is because of King Biden and the Democrats. Therefore, calls from King Biden and the Democrats for “unity” ring hollow and are not taken seriously. Calls for unity sound more like an order to “obey” versus any true token of peace. Thus, demonstrating a bit of penance would go a long way to helping the country heal.

And let’s be clear about these sins that have driven Americans apart. The first sin was not accepting former President Trump as a legitimately elected President of the United States. It was the Democrats that originally committed acts of, dare we say, sedition in trying to overturn the 2016 election through the whole Russia collusion hoax. And it was proved a hoax by the Mueller Report. Say what you will but after 3 years and millions of dollars in investigations the end result was bupkes. There is clear evidence to any objective observer that King Biden and the Democrats weaponized the FBI, lied to the FISA courts and committed many other acts intended to delegitimize and unseat President Trump. Penance needs to start here by King Biden and the Democrats admitting that what was done was wrong.

The next most egregious sin, all of the obstructionism. As we have pointed out in Filibuster First Strike, the Democrats did everything in their power to pout, stamp their feet and gum up the works. During the Trump administration, cloture was invoked an astounding 427 times during the 115th and 116th sessions of Congress, both with Republican majorities in the Senate. This is over 1/3rd of the total times that cloture has ever been invoked. The Democrats even had a name for this, the “Resist” movement. Remember that? This resistance went so far as to actually hurt and kill Americans. Nancy Pelosi stated that she held up COVID-19 relief efforts in order to hurt Donald Trump’s reelection chances. Without question, King Biden, the Democrats and specifically Nancy Pelosi need to demonstrate that they are sorry for destroying the operation of the United States government for four years and most definitely need to be penitent about intentionally inflicting harm on the American population out of pure spite.

Now, that’s just two items for which to show some legitimate penance. We could go on. Like all the leaking. Holy cow, it is like the Democrats were seeking to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that “the deep state” actually exists. That’s just mean, underhanded Nixonian dirty tricks. And the demonization. For the love of God, do not minimalize the Holocaust by calling Trump “Hitler” and his supporters “Nazis”. That’s just pure vitriol. And that first impeachment…

Again, we could go on all day about all of the sins of the last four years committed by King Biden and the Democrats. But nobody is asking for full atonement because, we may be mistaken, but to atone for that many sins would likely require flogging or kneeling on rice or who knows what. Catholics are just plain nuts when it comes to that shit. Christ, with so much to atone for and how bat shit crazy the Catholic church is, if King Biden and the Democrats were to be penitent about everything they would all likely wind up dead. Nobody wants that. Well, ok, almost nobody wants that. Undoubtedly there are a few coyote hat wearing morons out there that might wish ill.

Anyway, the point is, nobody is expecting full atonement for all past sins. But, just a little penance, some paltry admission that “yeah, these last four years we kind of took things a bit too far” would go a long, long way to healing this country. Despite a seeming lack of interest on the part of King Biden and the Democrats to publicly admit their guilt and ask for forgiveness, we here at The Objective Observer still hold out hope that King Biden and the Democrats will one day soon perform some small, trifle amount of public penance. We have to believe, because to not believe means losing all hope that America can ever be healed.

King Biden

Rules Without Representation

Turns out, what occurred on January 20th, 2021 was not the inauguration of a President of the United States. No, we’re not saying that Joe Biden was not legitimately elected or any other such nonsense. What we are saying is that it turns out, to any objective observer, what occurred on January 20th, 2021 was more of a coronation, not an inauguration, for the man we seem to have in the White House acts more like a king than a President. In fact, what we are currently witnessing in Washington D.C. is nothing less than an unprecedented usurpation of power on a scale once thought unthinkable. If you doubt this, read on.

Let’s look at the number of executive orders signed by the past 5 Presidents as well as their average per year:

  • Donald Trump – 220 total, 55/year
  • Barak Obama – 276 total, 34.6/year
  • George W. Bush – 291 total, 36.4/year
  • Bill Clinton – 364 total, 45.5/year
  • George H. W. Bush – 166 total, 41.5/year

The most executive orders signed by any President is actually Franklin D. Roosevelt with a whopping 3,728 total executive orders, averaging 307.8/year. But even those lofty figures are absolutely dwarfed by what is currently going on in Washington D.C. today. The current administration has signed 40 executive orders in roughly a week. This is an unprecedented pace that, if continued, would result in well over 8,000 executive orders in 4 years or a mind boggling 2,000/year, absolutely obliterating FDR’s “record”. Think about that, the current administration is signing executive orders over 6 times faster than any other President of the United States…ever. This means that Biden is on track after four years to have signed over a third of all executive orders in the entire history of America. The entire history.

While executive orders are supported by the Constitution, they were originally intended to facilitate the operations of the federal government. The first 15 Presidents of the United States only signed a grand total of 143 executive orders, or an average of about 10 per President. These executive orders were used for rather mundane operational things like lowering flags to half-staff to mourn the death of a former President. Heck, up until the early 1900’s, executive orders were actually largely unannounced, undocumented and only seen by the specific agencies impacted.

The nature of executive orders changed when Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, issued executive orders such as Executive Order 6102 “forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States”, and Executive Order 9066, which sent Japanese Americans to internment camps. Yeah, FDR, he was greeeeeeat… Under FDR’s immense wisdom, executive orders became federal mandates that were, in effect, laws or rules that must be followed until such time that they were canceled, revoked, adjudicated unlawful, or expired. In the United States, laws are supposed to be made by the legislative branch. However, starting with President Roosevelt, the intended purpose of executive orders was warped to, in effect, create law. These are the types of executive orders being signed today under the current administration.

Americans used to be against this sort of thing. In fact, “taxation without representation” was a rallying cry for the American Revolution. The issue was that King George III of England levied taxes on the American colonies but the American colonists had no representation in Parliament. Thus, the American colonists considered this unfair. To any objective observer, the insane overreach in the tidal wave of executive orders currently being signed strikes a similar tone. One might call them “rules without representation”. Rules; laws, are being made while ignoring the proper vehicle by which such rules and laws should be made via the people’s representatives, Congress.

This is not democracy, this is a single individual exerting their own personal will, by force, upon an entire population. We Americans typically call such a thing a dictatorship, or dare we say, monarchy. Thus, we here at The Objective Observer would like to prostrate ourselves in subservience before our oh so divine and benevolent ruler, officially recognizing, anointing and crowning Joe Biden, King Biden, the new King George III.

All hail King Biden.

King Biden I

A Rose By Any Other Name

With Apologies to William Shakespeare

We here at The Objective Observer tend to criticize rather than laud. Hey, we’re just like that. However, we must recognize the bold and important work that the Biden Administration is doing to effectively combat the pandemic in America and abroad. In a flurry of penmanship, President Biden took obvious steps to ramp up the government’s response to the virus by signing executive orders designed to:

  • Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Increase illegal immigration while simultaneously cutting thousands of construction jobs
  • Affirm that all white people are racists and make sure everyone is “re-educated” to know this is so
  • Increase oil prices and make America less energy independent while simultaneously cutting thousands of jobs in the energy sector
  • Increase the risk of terrorist attacks
  • Institutionalize Affirmative Action
  • Support and expand sanctuary cities
  • Increase federal overreach and death grip on control over public lands
  • Amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • Increase regulation
  • Have Susan Rice go on some kind of racial injustice witch hunt?
  • Give illegal immigrants the same rights as citizens
  • Something, something about gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Some kind of “loyalty” oath?

There are more, but we think you get the idea. Obviously, all of these executive orders are critically important policies that demonstrate through action, not just words, how serious the Biden Administration is about ending the global pandemic. President Biden must be commended for taking the high road and focusing on addressing the pandemic while avoiding even the perception of pettiness that might result if President Biden instead chose to focus on attempting to erase any and all vestiges of President Trump’s legacy.

However, being objective about all things, we must at the same time find fault in the cornerstone of the Biden administration’s “comprehensive” immigration reform package, another obvious attempt to combat the global pandemic. In a crucial move to thwart the pandemic, the Biden Administration sees the cornerstone of their immigration policy as replacing the word “alien” with the word “noncitizen”.

You see, the use of the word alien in immigration has long been described as “dehumanizing” by those with absolutely zero clue regarding the etymology of the word. Hint, the term goes back to the 1300’s and means “belonging to someone else” or later “stranger” or “foreigner”. Leave it to those ignorant of language science to take a science fiction term coined over 600 years later in 1953 to describe a being from somewhere else other than Earth, a “stranger” to Earth, an extraterrestrial, and use it as the sole meaning of a word. A truly, truly epic display of ignorance and revisionist history.

But the real problem here is twofold. First, the word noncitizen is also entirely too negative and dehumanizing. “Non” is an expression of negation. And citizens are people. So, is the Biden administration negating immigrants as people? What could be more dehumanizing that that?!?

Second, replacing one word with another word is just downright foolish, idiotic, moronic and a complete and utter waste of time. You just can’t do things like that because, you know, synonyms. In replacing one word for another you really haven’t changed anything at all. Even children know this.

The obvious answer then is that you need to replace that one world with two words. Obviously. That way you can be much more positive, far less dehumanizing and, you know, actually have accomplished something. Always looking to help, we here at The Objective Observer officially propose one of the following as the replacement for the word “alien”:

  • citizen candidate
  • potential citizen
  • future Democrat

OK, OK, that last one could also be considered “dehumanizing”, we admit.

Anyway, let’s wrap this up in the immortal words of William Shakespeare:

“Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Citizen.
What’s Citizen? …O, be some other name!
What’s a name? that which we call alien
By Other Names would be as illegal;
Noncitizen would, were not Noncitizen call’d”

Hey…at least we didn’t screw up the iambic pentameter…