Capitol Violence Four Years in the Making

What Did You Expect?

First, we need to make clear that violence is never the answer. And this article is in no way meant or intended to be taken as justification for the violence that occurred in Washington DC today, January 6th, 2021. But, let’s all be honest for a moment…

What did you expect?

The riot that happened at the Capitol today was not “weeks in the making” as some have commented. It is perhaps natural in times of crisis to seek simple answers, that the riots were simply about a contested election, that they were simply “Trumps fault”. Ah, if life was only so simple. No, the reality is that life is complex and the Capitol riot was really four years in the making. For the last four years the left and the media have done everything in their power to delegitimize a legitimately elected sitting President through leaks, misleading stories and flat-out fabrication.

Glossing over the whole Russian hoax/scandal/whatever that was, Trump has been called a Nazi and a racist. It has been widely reported that Trump hates women, is corrupt, hates immigrants, hates clean air and water, hates democracy, loves dictatorships and on and on and on. It might be stated with some confidence that no United States President or perhaps even no American has ever been more vilified than Donald Trump. Maybe Benedict Arnold. Is it any surprise then that the tens of millions of Trump supporters in the United States are pissed after four grueling years of such drivel?

What did you expect?

Not being content to simply vilify Trump, Trump’s supports have been viciously attacked and outright demonized for four long years as “deplorables”, racists, Nazi’s, ignorant, poor and again, on and on and on. Trump supporters have been denied meals in restaurants and generally ostracized by many, including the main stream media. Don Lemon on CNN was very clear in his opinion that Trump supporters should not be respected for their views. And don’t forget all of the times conservatives have been shouted down on campuses across the country. The list of examples is far too long for a mere mortal blog post to include. But can anyone deny the vitriol that has taken place against Americans by other Americans? Is it any wonder then that the tens of millions of Trump supporters are pissed after four years of such venom?

What did you expect?

For four years, the left and the media, which; admittedly, is very much redundant, have taken every opportunity to devolve politics and debate in the country, to vilify and impeach the President, insult Americans that identify as Republicans, deny conservatives services, protest, riot, shout down legitimate debate, employ cancel culture and; well, just be downright complete and utter assholes about things. Is it any wonder then that this devolution of political discourse led to actual violence in the Capitol? It was the left that set the new standard for political “discourse” in the United States. And, spoiler alert, it looked very much like what happened in the Capitol today.

What did you expect?

This is not an attempt to justify bad behavior with bad behavior. This is simply pointing out that actions have consequences. When you go to the lengths that have been gone to in order to vilify the opposing side, when you ramp up the political venom, when you attack the rank and file, when you make it acceptable to treat opponents as less than human, when you make it acceptable to violently protest and riot in the streets, when you redefine and set the new normal of what is acceptable behavior in the name of politics so radically…is it any surprise when you reap what you have sown? The left has done all of these things with extreme and vicious hyperbole. Seriously…

What did you expect?

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