Why Trump is Hated

Don’t Upset the Apple Cart

Former President Trump is perhaps the second most vilified American in history. He is right up there with Benedict Arnold at this point and is likely first on the list as far as half of the country is concerned. But, as we pointed out in The Dangers of Hyperbole, much of the rhetoric is unwarranted. It’s just extreme hyperbole that doesn’t match up with the facts…at all. Well, at least not to anyone being objective about the matter. And when you feel it necessary to place the word extreme in front of hyperbole, which literally means extravagant exaggerations, well then you know the rhetoric is really, really over the top. But we are left to ponder, why? Why is there such hatred for this individual when his words and deeds do not reasonably approach the level of vitriol and hate heaped upon him? Surely, there must be a reason. Well, luckily, we have the two most probable answers to this question. So if you really want to know, just keep reading. And don’t call us Shirley.

The first most likely answer is rather simple. A left-leaning media stung over the humiliating defeat of Hillary Clinton and attacked by then President Trump as “fake news” threw away every ounce of journalistic integrity and objectivity and fought back by intentionally “trumping up”, mischaracterizing and outright lying to the American public about the words and actions of President Trump. There is solid evidence for this at CNN in particular. MSNBC on the other hand was already devoid of any credible claim to journalistic integrity and objectivity to begin with.

The second most likely answer is more complicated. Former President Trump ran on a right-leaning, populous platform that sought to “drain the swamp” in the District of Columbia (D.C.). The phrase “drain the swamp” really meant that former President Trump ran on a platform that sought to replace current institutions and trappings of power with those that better served the needs of “the people”, ordinary citizens. That’s sort of how populism works. Populism arises when a significant portion of the populous feel that the current bureaucracy, institutions and power structures no longer serve their needs but rather only benefit those in power.

Now, one may debate the overall efficacy of former President Trump in achieving populous aims, but there are many examples of where this populous ideology was put into effect via Trump’s executive orders. For example, requiring federal agencies to remove two regulations for every new regulation. Rolling back the size of federally protected lands and returning control to the states. Rolling back Obamacare, in the Trump administration’s view an overreach of the federal government. Limiting federal control of education. Reducing tax regulatory burdens. Promoting religious freedoms. There are also numerous other executive orders promoting an “America first” policy with respect to goods and services. In effect, former President Trump sought to decrease the overall power, authority and size of the federal government and replace, or perhaps return, that power and authority to state and local institutions.

It is this populous agenda that really earned former President Trump the blind hatred of some of the most powerful figures in D.C. and these powerful figures sought to utterly destroy him for it. Again, as we have covered in The Dangers of Hyperbole, the levels of vitriol directed at Trump are out of step with his actual rhetoric and actions. This is no accident. Powerful individuals and institutions were intent on destroying what they saw as a direct threat to their power, influence and wealth.

Consider this, D.C. exists for the sole purpose of being the seat of power for the federal government of the United States. Furthermore, the population of D.C. actually exceeds that of two entire states. Every single person living in D.C. essentially depends on the size and power of the federal government for their very livelihoods. Furthermore, the only way to increase their power, influence and wealth is for the power and influence of the federal government to continually expand. This is why the federal government has steadily expanded and grown, regardless of the political party in power for decades and decades.

U.S. Federal Government Size as Measured by Spending

In short, former President Trump sought to decrease the size, power and influence of the federal government. Former President Trump felt that the people were better served when state and local governments made their own decisions versus being dominated by federal mandates. This is absolute blasphemy for big government Democrats and antithetical to just about every single person living in D.C. Most Republicans in D.C. may pay lip service to “smaller government” but they don’t really mean it. Trump did.

Now, it actually gets even worse. Former President Trump is also a nationalist, believing in the superiority of the American system. This put him at direct odds with those in D.C. that see the inevitable end state as a quasi “world government”. Don’t laugh or think this is some kind of conspiracy theory. There is a tremendous amount of serious discussion on this topic and as far as direct evidence, simply look no further than the European Union. Basically, a bunch of nations that have abdicated control over certain functions of government like monetary policy (the Euro), trade and border control to a “super” governing body. For many elites, this is the end state for America as well.

One can see harbingers of this in the agenda and policies of the Obama administration. In short, diminish American exceptionalism in the eyes of the world, be the world’s police and slowly inch America towards inclusion within a larger governing body that would work to ensure “equity” with other nations. You see, in many people’s eyes, America consumes too much of the world’s resources, has far too much power and influence and makes too much money. This is not “equitable” to the rest of the people of the world and thus, America needs to be knocked down a few pegs, pay more than it’s fair share and distribute its wealth among other countries. Now, we won’t debate the pros and cons of this agenda, but we will point out that former President Trump’s agenda was the exact polar opposite. This earned him even more power enemies.

Quite simply, Trump’s populist, nationalist agenda was the absolute enemy of the established federal institutions and power structures. This is why former President Trump had to be utterly destroyed and why these same institutions and this same bureaucracy seeks to destroy former President Trump even to this day when he is out of office. Certain establishment elements and factions can never again run the risk of someone like former President Trump ascending to power. The very existence of Trump and his populous, nationalist leanings are a direct and imminent threat to their power, influence and wealth. Essentially, the destruction of Trump must be a lesson to any other populist that would dare to encroach upon the corrupt system in D.C., which solely benefits those in power.

So, how does one go about destroying someone? Well, weaponize the intelligence community and F.B.I, ramp up the hyperbole, prey upon utterly disappointed Hillary voters and let the media lap up every drop. Form a “resistance” that spins every Trump action into a negative, racist, bigoted, Islamophobic, misogynistic and anti-Semitic activity and just relentlessly hammer the narrative. The politics of ultimate personal destruction. And Trump, being Trump, didn’t help matters, but rather made things worse.

It is beyond the capacity of any objective observer to say for certain which of these two answers, or even a combination of these two answers, is the correct one. And, sure, there are many other reasons for different groups to hate Trump. Trump’s stance on climate change earned him the enmity of environmentalists. Trump’s stance on the border earned him the enmity of those who support open borders. Even Trump’s stance on China likely earned him the enmity of those with significant investments in that country. It is possibly a combination of all these things. Trump consistently chose policies that favored the American economy, American jobs and the American people; in short, America first. This put Trump at odds with many factions in the federal government and perhaps that maybe says something about his enemies. All that an objective observer can say is that after extensive research and thought, the two scenarios posted here are the most likely reasons why Trump was so consistently vilified with such outrageous vitriol and hyperbole.

So there you have it, that is why Trump is so hated and despised by so many. That is why the hyperbole doesn’t jive in any way with reality. Sure, some of it is self-inflicted, but most of it stems from a true, visceral hatred for Trump’s desire to curtail the power and influence of the federal government in favor of state and local control, to walk back decades of work inching America closer to abdicating control to a larger governing body. To end American exceptionalism and promote wealth equity between nations. It’s simply a war of ideologies, one that the corrupt, ever larger government crowd has been winning for decades upon decades. Its a system that steadily increases the power, influence and wealth of those that hold the trappings of power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. How dare some outsider come in and attempt to upset the apple cart?

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