The Fatal Flaw

Are Democrats Suddenly Now Calling Trump a Genius?

First, we here at The Objective Observer would like to point out that former President Trump’s impeachment defense team should have used our argument as to why the impeachment trial was unconstitutional. If nine year old’s cannot be Senators then you cannot only disqualify someone from holding office as an outcome of an impeachment conviction. Easy reasoning and logic that is simple to understand versus whatever that mess was that the defense team was pitching. Not that it would have mattered. The impeachment trial moving forward was inevitable, just like it’s eventual outcome.

So, not that it matters since the outcome is a forgone conclusion, but after watching two days of the House impeachment managers present their case against former President Trump, there is one glaring, fatal flaw in their argument. Sure, there are many problems with their case, but one flaw in particular stands out to any objective observer. This single flaw alone would ensure Trump’s acquittal if it were actually in doubt. You see, the House managers have spun the narrative that former President Trump incited the Capitol riot on January 6th, 2021. Not only this but to hear the House managers tell the tale, former President Trump actually began intentionally planning the Capitol riot six months prior to the event in the summer of 2020.

The House managers’ case rests upon the idea that six months ago, former President Trump knew that he was going to lose the election, knew that he would lose scores of legal motions to challenge the election’s validity and further understood that his last chance at succeeding in overturning the election would be an armed rebellion at the Capitol starting at around 1PM in the afternoon during which the electoral votes would be certified by Congress; an armed rebellion he intended to succeed. This is the careful, premeditated master plan that the House managers have laid out as proof positive that former President Trump intended to commit insurrection against the United States of America.

“All of it, the nine Democratic managers said, was the foreseeable and intended outcome of Mr. Trump’s desperate attempts to cling to the presidency. Reaching back as far as last summer, they traced how he spent months cultivating not only the “big lie” that the election was “rigged” against him, but stoking the rage of a throng of supporters who made it clear that they would do anything — including resorting to violence — to help him.” – The New York Times | House Lays Out Case Against Trump, Branding Him the ‘Inciter in Chief’

Now, is it possible that former President Trump began planning the insurrection at the Capital six months ago? Sure, anything is possible. But for such a thing to be possible, former President Trump would have to be the most genius intellect on the planet and a strategist so immeasurably clairvoyant that he could easily defeat Deep Blue in any chess match. Thus, after four years of calling former President Trump an idiot and a moron, why are Democrats now saying that Trump is the greatest genius of all time? The short answer is because it is the only way in which their case is even possible.

But is the House manager’s version of events plausible? Absolutely not, at least not to any objective observer. The omniscience to be able to start planning the insurrection at the Capitol six months prior to the event would require God level planning and foresight. Former President Trump may be many things but he is by no means God or even a god. Not even close. Yet this is what the House managers’ case would have us believe, that former President Trump began carefully planning the insurrection six months before it occurred.

The House managers’ case certainly creates a compelling narrative of an evil mastermind exquisitely planning a presumed successful insurrection six months prior to it occurring and of Trump, and Trump alone, carefully, expertly guiding and willing the event to occur. Without a doubt, it is quite riveting political theatre but it is also pure fiction worthy of a James Bond film.

In point of fact, the House managers’ narrative is a classic, text book case of apophenia, the tendency of humans to find patterns where they don’t exist. Suddenly, every tweet by Trump objecting to what he believed were unconstitutional actions being taken by state elections officials and state courts is now somehow purposeful preplanning of the Capitol riot. It is just simply, patently absurd. The reality is that there actually were questionable things that occurred regarding the 2020 elections and some of those cases are still pending. A more rational explanation is that Trump was tweeting about events occurring at the time of the tweets, not as part of some master plan to overthrow the federal government six months later. Besides, it’s not like his concerns were ill founded considering that there was an actual secret cabal actively plotting to prevent him from ever being re-elected.

The stark truth of the matter is that former President Trump did not think enough about his words and actions and how people might interpret those words and actions, not that he thought extensively about his words and actions in a preplanned way to intentionally provoke insurrection. There is no denying that former President Trump was negligent with regard to considering the potential reactions, consequences and outcomes of his words and therefore bears some some amount of responsibility for what occurred. But, to paint this in the light of an evil genius mastermind intentionally inciting insurrection against the United States is simply intellectually dishonest and an utter fabrication. This is the the fatal flaw within the House managers’ case for conviction, yet another example of the extreme hyperbolic lengths to which Democrats will go in order to portray former President Trump as an evil, loathsome individual. But, at least in this case, apparently they do consider him a complete and utter genius.

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