What it Means to be Black

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

So, there’s this South Park episode from 13 years ago called With Apologies to Jesse Jackson. Like most South Park, it’s fairly hilarious. This one explores the use of the word “nigger”. The premise being that if there were a word as hateful and vile that applied only to white people that white people would make it illegal. I won’t belabor the plot here, you can read about that on Wikipedia. However, the episode ends with Stan telling Token, regarding the use of the racial slur, “I get it now, I don’t get it”. In other words, Stan being white will never understand how it feels for Token, who is black, to have that word used against him.

This is how I have always felt about being black. Myself being white, I have always firmly believed that short of doing a John Howard Griffin or a Ray Sprigle, I would never possibly understand what it is like to be black in America. In fact, we white people are told exactly this on a regular basis. But now, thanks to the ridiculous levels of hyperbole and insanity in American politics I can finally say “I get it”. I finally, finally understand how it feels to be a black person in America. Let me explain.

One of the core tenants of why white people cannot understand the black experience is that white people will never know the furtive looks, barely masked fear and white people crossing the street as a black individual walks down the sidewalk. However, now as a Trump supporter, I totally feel those looks and get those reactions. As I walk down the street bare chested and tatted up, with my great furry horned helmet on and my face painted red white and blue, I experience the same furtive looks, barely masked fear and people crossing the street in front of me. And all of this for no other reason than the fact that I am a Trump supporter. Solely because of my politics…

Similarly, blacks point out that white people cannot possibly understand the black experience regarding the harassment by cops when they are simply driving their car and minding their own business. But now I experience this as well, simply because the police profile me based upon my MAGA bumper stickers. I am constantly pulled over, berated and cited by police now. I have never been pulled over so much in all my life since I announced my politics to the world by putting all of those MAGA bumper stickers over nearly every square inch of the windows of my car…

I also now understand the outrage that blacks feel regarding how society and law enforcement treat black people versus white people. Black people are treated far worse. Blacks are arrested more and given longer prison sentences than whites. I finally understand this and get the outrage. While armed liberals rioted, burned down buildings, looted and murdered people, “autonomous zones” were setup in cities for them and they were even allowed to occupy a police precinct. But, if you are a conservative and try to walk, unarmed, through a broken window, you are immediately shot and killed. The shooting of an unarmed conservative, it makes me want to protest and exclaim “Conservative Lives Matter!”. I finally understand the outrage.

Finally, I truly get and understand how blacks feel about systemic racism, the feeling that the entire system itself has been rigged against them. Rooted in a politically biased foundation, systemic political bias against conservatives today is composed of intersecting, overlapping, and codependent biased institutions, media, policies, practices, ideas, and behaviors that give an unjust amount of resources, rights, and power to liberals while denying them to people of a conservative nature. It all makes total sense now. The levers of power between politics, Hollywood, universities, the media and big tech are all systemically aligned against conservatives. Finally, I get it.

So, if nothing else, I can thank 2021 for finally showing me what it is like to be black. I can now fully understand and appreciate what it is like to be the reviled minority underclass in America. And boy does it suck.

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