On Biden’s Watch

Fair is Fair After All

We here at The Objective Observer are contrarians by nature. It’s just how we are. We can’t help it. When we see the wind blowing a certain direction, we want to blow against it. So when President Trump is getting absolutely obliterated in the media, we feel compelled to play Devil’s Advocate. Now, granted, in that particular case some people might take that literally rather than figuratively. Conversely, if the media would have fawned over President Trump, we would have been highly critical. We like to stir the pot. So, when we see the obvious fawning love affair between the media and Biden, we can’t help but take the opposite stance.

This is a continuing article of all of the bad things that happen under President Biden. Similar to how every single little thing was blamed on President Trump, we’re just going to blame every single little thing on President Biden. Oh, oh, and keep track of all of the lies told by the administration. That too.

Look, we don’t wish President Biden or the country ill will or anything. But, fair is fair after all. Leave us a comment to call out anything we have missed. Or hate mail, we just love the hate mail…

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