Hooray for Kathy Griffin

Exposing All the Losers

Before we get started, I do want to state for the record that Kathy Griffin’s President Trump beheading photo is unquestionably the most vile, hateful, disrespectful, unfunny, desperate, stupid, foolish, idiotic stunt that I have ever seen. It calls into question her mental health and, frankly, her humanity and ability to productively contribute to a sane, peaceful society. OK, fair, her ability to productively contribute to society has always been in question, but; still, this act makes it even more obvious that she is incapable of doing so. And should she be prosecuted? It’s hard to prove intent. For example, there are those that claim that when Kathy Griffin speaks that her intention is to be funny. I have personally never seen any evidence of this so, you know, intent is a tough thing to pin down. Now, with all of this being said, I am so very, very glad that Kathy Griffin did what she did. Let me explain.

Look, what Kathy Griffin really did with her President Trump beheading is simply expose the true attitudes and intentions of President Trump’s detractors on the left, in the liberal media, the deep state and even Hillary Clinton. In one, stark, picture is worth a thousand words moment, Kathy Griffin exposed all of these factions and people who are effectively trying to “behead” President Trump for what they are. These factions and people are attempting to behead President Trump in no less vicious a way than an ISIS loser who would use a sword to behead someone. What Kathy Griffin did was to accurately portray herself in the role of a loser, which she is. And thus so is the left, the media, the deep state and Hillary Clinton, all losers. Hillary Clinton quite literally so…twice…at least.

Let’s do these in reverse order. Hillary Clinton is trying to behead President Trump through a de-legitimization narrative by quite pathetically lamenting about her Presidential election loss and trying to blame it on some sort of Russian collusion along with a long list of other ridiculous conspiracy theories. Loser. Literally a loser…to Trump. Sour grapes go away.

The deep state is also trying to behead President Trump by treasonously leaking information intended to disparage and harm their sitting President. Losers. Criminal losers this time. These individuals are life-long politicos who have no concept of anything outside of their little beltway bubble. They are losers in anything and everything that could be considered American and life in general.

The liberal media. Where to begin. The liberal media has reached a state now where they do not even pretend not to be biased or even concern themselves with trivial things like journalistic integrity. The liberal media is trying to behead President Trump by conflating weak, ill-sourced conspiracy theories and attempting to pass it off as news or by ignoring actual news and instead covering puff pieces about hand shakes, hand slaps, weight gain and other absolute drivel, all spun to present President Trump in a negative way. Losers. Not only losers at life but losers at their own “profession”. And yes, the air quotes. The liberal media are such losers they have actually destroyed any honest ability to refer to journalism as a true profession.

Finally, the left. The left are trying to behead President Trump through their efforts at stonewalling and obstructionism. Losers. These people are losers because they are elected officials whose jobs are paid for by the American people but have nothing but contempt for those same American people. These people are perhaps the biggest losers and they should lose more. The American electorate deserves a government that at least functions properly and this means cooperation between parties that do not always see eye-to-eye. That is not what we currently have. We currently have a completely dysfunctional government because a bunch of losers are in there intentionally mucking up the works.

This is what Kathy Griffin exposed in that single photograph. She exposed the true intentions of all of these losers and, actually, cast President Trump in the role of the hero, fighting and giving his life in an attempt to make his country great again, which is what all of our young men and women fighting terror overseas do and risk every day. Who knew that the potentially greater threat to America would come from inside, from a bunch of domestic terrorist losers? Probably only Khrushchev…

Published 6/1/2017

Author: theobjectiveobserverblog

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