The End of the Indians

Going for the win-win…

Well, it’s official, as of 2022, the Cleveland Indians baseball team is changing their name to the Cleveland Guardians and we here at The Objective Observer are fully supportive and applaud this change. While one my take issue with the lame name chosen, the Guardians, or decry the abomination of the new logo design, a Hermes inspired winged baseball, what one cannot deny or bemoan is that this change was long overdue.

Honestly, it’s about time we all stop being so blatantly culturally insensitive to the suffering of an entire population of people. It is the duty of our enlightened generation to end the offensive depiction of indigenous people in sport team names and logos. Why this has taken so long is anyone’s guess. It has been apparent for generations that the lionization of indigenous people is just downright offensive to the ancestors of settlers who were kidnapped, raped and murdered on the western plains by Native Americans. Obviously.

And yet, here we are just starting to right this deeply hurtful wrong hundreds of years later. The ancestors of settlers killed by Native Americans have suffered for decades while the sports community glorified and idolized the persecutors of their forefathers. And it never made any sense. This is a group of people that were enemies of the United States, a group of people that we defeated in many battles and wars. It’s akin to naming a sports team the Cleveland Redcoats or the Cleveland SS. It just makes absolutely no sense at all. Why on earth the sports community continues to embrace enemies of the state is simply beyond comprehension.

Therefore, while we are ecstatic to see the end of this lionization of the enemy, we do, however, take issue with how the Cleveland Indians chose to go about the change. There was a far easier and more straight forward approach that wouldn’t have even required a name change and been way more badass in terms of a new mascot and logo. All they had to do was change the mascot and logo to Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and problem solved.

Kali – Hindu goddess of death

Not only is a logo depicting the severed heads and extremities of your enemies far better than a stupid winged baseball but this would have also shown religious tolerance. And the whole Indians name now has a completely different context. So…win-win.

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